It’s time.

Move Past Fear & Doubt and Trust Yourself.

Together We Can Tackle What's Holding You Back

Are you tired of doubting every decision you make? Do you struggle with distressing thoughts and fear? Do your thoughts feel like a constant loop of uncertainty? 

You want to quiet your mind, be self assured and make decisions with ease while trusting yourself. No matter how long you’ve been feeling this way, I am here to support you and teach you the skills you need to live your authentic life.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

- Jon Kabat-Zinn

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes, even the strongest people among us need a little bit of help to work through some of life’s more challenging problems. Everyone has battles to fight and hurdles to overcome at some point. Whether you struggle with anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder or depression I will help you find hope for a better tomorrow.

Learn how I can help you move towards a more fulfilling and meaningful life

I would love to help you find your authentic self.

Meet Kattya Manning, LMFT

I specialize in working with people who are ready to begin the next chapter in their life. Together, we can uncover the thought processes that are keeping you from moving forward, and develop practical skills to break these patterns that lead to negative feelings. I also specialize in Exposure Response and Prevention therapy.